Our Supporters

Many paws up, many hands up, and sincere gratitude to the foundations, companies, groups, and individuals who keep the Chinook Project going.

Our Partners:

Our Partners provide a substantial and continuing investment in the Chinook Project, enabling the good work it does.  They are listed on the sidebar of this website, and we thank them again, here:
  • Ann McCain Evans: thank you for your generosity, interest, and commitment
  • The Rathlyn Foundation: thank you for your continuing and welcome support of our project
  • Zoetis Animal Health: thank you for continued donations of product
  • First Air: thank you for helping us to transport ourselves and lots of luggage to lots of destinations, and for helping us afford it
  • Air Labrador (and especially Philip Earle): thank you for simplifying extremely complicated travel plans and for your generous help that allows us to transport The Project to various Labrador communities
  • Government of Newfoundland and Labrador: your generous funding has allowed us to continue to visit Labrador

Our Supporters:

Our Supporters provide continuing support to the Chinook Project.  And we are so very grateful to them:
  • Boehringer Ingelheim: thank you for your donation of products
  • Dorris Heffron, author of City Wolves
  • Nain Animal Wellness Clinic and Paul Fenton
  • Valley Veterinary Clinic and Dr. Becky Jackson, Goose Bay
  • Sheshatshiu Innu First Nation Band Council
  • the Iqaluit Humane Society
  • Iams-Eukanuba
  • Veterinarians without Borders

Our Donors:

Our Donors provide donations of various kinds to The Chinook Project, for which we are so very grateful.  Thanks go to:


  • Mushuau Innu Band Council, Natuashish
  • Victoria City Kennel Club
  • The Fan Hitch (Editor, Sue Hamilton)
  • The Hamlet of Kugluktuk
  • the generous people of Postville, Hopedale, Rigolet, Labrador
  • the hamlet of Kimmirut
  • the government of Nunatsiavut





**Special thanks to Rachel Lee for our logo design

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Note: If recognition of your donation has been omitted from this page, please contact us and we will remedy this oversight immediately.

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