Yukon Sally

Yukon Sally and Yukon Jake

Dorris Heffron, author , lover of sled dogs and companion to Alaskan Malamutes, has been a friend to the Chinook Project for a number of years.  Her first Malamute was Yukon Sally–a large, loving, and energetic dog. Eventually, they got Sally a buddy–Yukon Jake, pictured here.  Sally was well-loved and well-travelled.  Dorris writes,
“It was my first sled dog, Yukon Sally, an Alaskan Malamute, who inspired, indeed drove, the writing of my fifth novel, City Wolves. At the heart of it is the ancient story of how wolves became sled dogs in Arctic North America. Yukon Sally and her companion, Yukon Jake, also led me into researching women in veterinary history. Eventually, the novel led me to give a presentation at U.P.E.I. Atlantic Veterinary College where I discovered the Chinook Project–the lead wolf and great pioneer in making veterinary care available to remote northern communities.”

Dorris Heffron and Yukon Sally


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